Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida

More counselors per client. More life-altering therapies.

If you’re someone who hasn’t responded to typical addiction-recovery methods, the status quo could kill you. Epiphany, a premier drug and alcohol rehab in Florida, gives that comfort zone a serious shakeup. We offer a much higher ratio of counselors to clients, coupled with uncommon, transformative therapies. And even though (or maybe because) it’s intense and different, very few clients leave early. They are engaged and motivated, so they stick with it and succeed.

  • A different approach to counseling and treatment.

    We keep our programs client focused by offering creative case management and life coaching sessions that are responsive to the individual's needs. Our goal is to help clients negotiate their unique emotional challenges and get them back to the textured life of beauty and creativity they deserve.

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  • Why we do it the way we do.

    Most of our therapists have been through this themselves, so they’re not only licensed and certified, they understand how it feels and they know what it takes. We don’t coddle, or let clients play the victim card. Yet, we know how to reach the places that need reaching, and to rebuild what’s been destroyed.

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  • Life-Changing Outcomes

    Epiphany’s mission is to implement a client-focused treatment program designed to increase self-esteem through creative expression, using holistic, as well as traditional methods to treat the mind, body, and spirit. We create a specialized environment where clients feel safe to share their struggles and these are their stories.

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