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Our clinical offices are a step above, to ensure clients are safe, healthy, and well cared for.

For our clients in recovery, we want to reduce anxiety so they can focus fully on getting well, and staying well. Our clinical offices are a big part of keeping them healthy, and calm. We have a fully equipped medical office with a full-time nurse and doctor, plus a dedicated staff that is on hand 24/7 for any need, including crisis intervention. The clinical office also offers dental, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, a nutritionist and lab services onsite.

Our clinical office is located in a secure, private building with segregated male and female programs, to keep clients protected. The offices offer scenic views and are in a neighborhood with great restaurants nearby for family outings, with catered lunches and a coffee bar onsite. It’s really about the business of getting well, though, with our case management staff and services in-house, and behavioral health technicians who accompany clients to every meeting and appointment. Getting well is a full-time job—our clinical offices will help take care of the rest.

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