Have a question about Epiphany Resources? Find the answers here, our FAQ answers!

What does a typical daily program consist of?
How often do clients go the gym?
How long is the program?
Are there coed programs?
What kinds of activities are available for downtime?
What is the food like at Epiphany?
How many times per week do clients meet with a therapist?
Can clients have mobile phones and desktop computers?
Can clients have visitors?
How soon can clients call home?
What is the normal curfew for clients?
Does health insurance cover the costs?
Does Epiphany offer detox services?
What kind of vocational help do you offer?
Do you help with job placement?
Is Epiphany an addiction-recovery Center of Excellence (COE)?
Do you have a doctor on staff?
What is the age range for clients?
Do you offer a religious track?
Where is Epiphany located?
What kinds of sports amenities do you have?
How are your services paid for?
How do I get to Epiphany from the airport?
When do admissions take place?
Do you have space available?
Do you provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment?
Will I need a car?
Is Epiphany 12-step based?
Do you support dual diagnosis?
Do you treat eating disorders?
Do you offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?
Do you have a trauma track?
What is your client-to-technician ratio?
Is the staff gender specific in the residences?
Are your facilities accessible for those with physical disabilities?
What kinds of ancillary services do you provide?
Do you offer Sub Oxone or methadone?
Do you help with legal issues?
What should I bring with me?
How can I purchase additional items I need?