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Clients Quotes

  • Because Florida is under fire… Not all experiences end in overdose or with an untreated addict…

    When it comes to treatment centers there are loads of options that “talk about good care. It’s the engaging staff members and caring faculty that bring caring, compassionate, effective results.

    I sent my son to Epiphany Resources hoping he would be treated with empathy compassion, and respect while dealing with his addiction… And he left with vastly more.

    He was taught skills that can be applied in daily life. In situations that are uncomfortable he learned coping mechanisms when he is triggered. This gives him the opportunity to live life without the constant worry of failing, which is not an easy task when living with the disease of addiction.

    Not only was I facing the reality that my son was a heroin addict but sending him to Florida for treatment was terrifying. He had never been out of my reach, so-to-speak. Patrick Murray from Epiphany Resources met us in the middle of the night at the airport. with open arms and no judgement. It was such a calming feeling once we arrived. I truly knew we had made the right decision. I can’t speak highly enough of Epiphany & all their staff members. The treatment my son received at Epiphany Resources is truly life changing.

  • “I’ve been to many rehabs over the years; throughout that time, I didn’t believe I had a problem with addiction. But, it took many great people in my life to help me see light such as Greg and Mike the owners at Epiphany Resources. Epiphany is unlike any treatment center I’ve been to before they truly care about the client every step of the way. Many other treatment centers a client will see their primary therapist once a week if they are lucky. At Epiphany Resources, you have the option to see your therapist everyday if you would like. Lastly, Epiphany Resources as well as, Men’s Safe Haven Sober Living saved my life and gave me a life and I am forever grateful for the gift of recovery I have today.”

    J K
  • My experience going through Epiphany is something that ultimately changed my life. This was my first time I went through treatment and my first attempt of learning what it means to live happy, healthy, and Sober. If it wasn’t for Epiphany, it’s Affiliates, and Staff members I honestly don’t think I’d be here writing this today. Going through Epiphany had opened my eyes and heart, not only to learn, understand and help treat my addiction issues but it helped me uncover real life coping skills and what it means to heal. This program gave me a renewed sense of self, inspiration, hope, and to truly embrace a healthy sober lifestyle. I never understood what people meant by “Gifts of Sobriety” but not only have I gained a Gift through Epiphany & The Woman’s Safe Haven Sober Living, I gained a life worth living. I don’t think there will ever be enough words to express my sincere and utter Gratitude, Appreciation, and Thanks for helping me get my life back. <3 Epiphany Always

    C H
  • “I had been to more than 20 rehab centers and halfway houses before I met the people at Epiphany. I considered myself a lost cause. But they didn’t. They went to unbelievable lengths to take care of me until I was strong enough to care of myself. Now, I’m trying to pay it forward. Epiphany is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

    Matt D., Shrewsbury, MA
  • “I didn’t understand addiction. I thought ‘I’m an addict—I’ll always be an addict.’ I felt so lost and alone, I was going to commit suicide. On a recommendation, I made a last-ditch, Hail-Mary call to Epiphany. I knew instantly something was different. Epiphany is family. They don’t turn their back on you no matter what. They made me feel human again—they saved my life.”

    Lorenzo C., Sayreville, NJ
  • “The first thing I noticed was, it wasn’t all about the money. Every rehab I had done before treated all of us like a pay check. Everywhere I was before, the clients were always complaining. Here, they are always saying to each other how great this place is. I was basically dead, but they saw something in me, and gave me the unity and brotherhood I needed I my life.”

    Jason B., West Palm Beach, FL
  • “I didn’t stick with other rehab because I always felt like a number. Here, they always go out of their way for you, no matter what or when. I remember on my first weekend of entering phase III, the A/C went out in the house. Instead of waiting just two days for a repair, they went out and bought 11 window units! Who does that? They’re caring, they’re loyal, and they do the right thing.”

    Trey M., Memphis, TN
  • “I tell guys who just got here how lucky they are. Some places, your therapist will meet with you once or twice in 45 days, or maybe, if you ask, you get a rushed five minutes when they’re getting into their car. Here, you see them all the time, and they’re there for you even when they are off. Some families don’t even do that. I’ve never seen people who get so emotional over our successes—and our failures. I’ve looked for the negative at Epiphany, and honestly, I can’t think of a single thing.”

    Curt H., Huber Heights, OH