Reframe your past; reimagine your life..

Narrative Filmmaking Therapy is a ground-breaking tool that helps clients see their histories in new ways, and script new futures for themselves. It combines elements of art, talk and narrative therapies with the process of personal photography and filmmaking. Clients are guided through a collaborative process of capturing their transformative life experiences on film. Our therapists work closely with our clients to facilitate the storytelling process and reclaim the narratives of their lives. Narrative Filmmaking provides a big opportunity for therapeutic change.

The power of personal narratives

Narrative Filmmaking was conceived by Epiphany founder Greg Goyins, and developed together with Drs. Ruoxi Chen and Jason Austin with GP Consulting, LLC. It helps clients process their addiction, traumas, and any grief or loss they may have experienced. It also provides an opportunity for clients to explore conscious and unconscious psychological themes in their lives. At Epiphany, we believe that personal narratives play a critical role in both addiction and recovery. During Narrative Filmmaking, clients transform the narratives they believe and tell about their lives. Putting a new narrative on film helps them redefine and recreate their lives without drugs or alcohol.

The ancient art of storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient and indigenous way for individuals to relate to one another and to better understand life. There are copious amounts of research that demonstrate the benefits of filmmaking in a therapeutic setting. Combining storytelling and filmmaking is a new and unique way Epiphany connects with clients and assists them in their recovery journeys.

Narrative Filmmaking Therapy at Epiphany

Get a look inside the ways we apply Narrative Filmmaking Therapy to the healing process of our clients.