Our Mission; Pioneering and effective, Epiphany stands tall among rehab centers.

Our mission is to deliver a wholly unique approach to long-term recovery for those suffering from substance use disorder. We achieve this by implementing a client-focused treatment program designed to increase self-esteem through creative expression, using holistic, as well as traditional methods to treat the mind, body, and spirit. We create a specialized environment where clients feel safe to share their struggles, work collectively to reduce accompanying stigmas, receive superior, individualized mental education, and graduate the program feeling empowered and motivated in their recovery.

Helping patients who have struggled in other programs succeed.

our mission - narrative therapy

Narrative Therapy

our mission

Artistic Mediums

our mission - spiritual foundation

Spiritual Foundation

our mission - hero work


Our ground-breaking narrative exercises help addicts replace the victim mindset with a more empowering “hero mentality,” so they can re-frame their personal journeys positively, and finally move forward with confidence and in control. We treat body, mind and spirit, and then get down to brass tacks with intensive career building and life coaching, so clients can identify their purpose and get on the path to achieving it.